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coverslider-1 weetbe mask osaka carefree breathing, innovative design, and safety you can trust. All in one mask.

a unique mask for the new normality

weetbe mask was born from the fusion of ideas of Marcos, Itxaso and Iñaki, three entrepreneurs who, driven by the companies they work for, have designed a unique mask. 


“When this crisis began, we felt the need to help in some way, using our industrial capacity and our experience in the creation of innovative products”


An idea turned into a safer and more comfortable experience

mascarila-weetbe mask-black

weetbe mask osaka
focuses on user needs

Responds to the new needs that this new normality has generated, helping:

The group with hearing problems by improving visibility and interaction between people

Professionals who must spend many hours wearing a mask, improving comfort and breathability

Professionals who are highly exposed, providing the highest level of safety.

save money by using weetbe mask osaka

weetbe mask osaka is designed for long life, with high quality polycarbonate materials. In addition, the exchangeable filters have a lifespan of 5 to 7 days depending on use. The osaka filter pack for 3 months costs 19 euros.

at weetbe we are committed to the fight against ALS

1€ of each unit sold is used to combat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.


In these difficult times we cannot forget the fact that there are other diseases that also need funding to be defeated, so at weetbe we contribute to finding a cure and helping those living with ALS by donating 1€ for every unit sold to, a non-governmental association focused on fighting ALS.

product features


Thanks to the filters and the ergonomics of the osaka mask, contact with unfiltered air is practically non-existent. The inspired and expired air are filtered.



The ultimate feature to improve interaction between people and visual communication.



The osaka mask fits perfectly to the face thanks to the different sizes (S, M and L).It does not fall and does not move.  A new feeling of comfort. 



Designed for a sustainable, long-lasting solution. The osaka mask is easy to clean and has interchangeable filters, the alternative to single-use masks. 



Set your own style with the different color options that the osaka mask offers.



The osaka mask, made of polycarbonate, is easy to clean without leaving water marks or disinfectants.  


additional items

fan osaka

Improves breathability and gives a fresh feeling. Perfect for those who must spend many hours wearing a mask. 


  • 7 hours of autonomy
  • Integrated lithium battery
  • Charging via USB

screen osaka

Provides the greatest security by avoiding being infected by other means. 


  • Optical grade 1 screen: the highest that allows continuous use. 
  • Protection against liquid splashes. 
  • Easy to disinfect. 
a mask to for the new normal

high efficiency
and improved ergonomics

ergonomic design

hypoallergenic TPU elastomer perimeter
adjustable to all types of faces
avoids marks and scratches from possible allergies

high filtration

side gill system
air filtration over 98%.
bactericidal filters
protection against viruses and contamination


transparent design
glass polishing
demister system


recyclable materials
polycarbonate design
replaceable filters
easy cleaning



weetbe mask osaka complies with the UNE0065:2020 (Spanish Certificate) and the CWA 17553:2020 (European Certificate). 

The Proveil® interchangeable filters are biodegradable and have been developed by Bioinicia and the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council). Tested according to the UNE EN14683 standard.



now that you’ve come this far, keep reading. This is what they’re saying about weetbe in the media. They have been the perfect platform to publicize our project and our crowdfunding campaign.

las personas detrás de la idea

we are weetbe

weetbe products
Posted by weetbe products
September 18, 2020
weetbe products
Posted by weetbe products
September 11, 2020
weetbe products
Posted by weetbe products
September 11, 2020
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