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Industrial development

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  • Ergonomic analysis

    We analyze the needs, capacities and abilities of the user when interacting with the product prioritizing in designing its easy use.

  • Definition of aesthetic criteria

    We will define the aesthetic, material and aspirational qualities that make up the product. Selection of materials, finishes and colors according to trends, product and user.

  • 3D visualization

    We carry out 3D modeling to get a better perception of the product that allows the sale and promotion of this.

  • 2D/3D design

    We develop the product generating technical designs in 2D and 3D for the manufacturing and industrialization.

  • Plastic prototype

    We have a wide range of technologies: 3D printing with epoxy resin using stereolithography or sintering of polyamide. casting, with silicone moulds, of polyurethanes similar to thermoplastics (ABS, PP, POM, PA...).

  • Metal prototype

    We have the facility to make prototypes with 3D metal printing. CNC machining of unitary and metallic parts (aluminium, steel).

  • User validation

    We validate the product with the end user to make the necessary iterations in terms of design, ergonomics and usability. in terms of design, ergonomics and usability.

  • Industrial feasibility

    We guarantee the industrial feasibility of all our designs thanks to our close work with the thanks to our close work with the industrialisation team.

  • Management and monitoring of the process

    We cover all the phases of industrialisation of a product, providing a turnkey service that a turnkey service that allows us to reduce costs and time.

  • Manufacturing of tools

    Aluminium or steel moulds for short and medium production runs in technical materials. technical materials. Control tools in resin or aluminium.

  • Production

    We incorporate different technologies and materials; injected plastic (ABS, PC/ABS, PA, PA66+GF, POM, PC, PBT...), thermoforming, stamping/punching, IMD, IMF, IME...

  • Post-processing

    We have painting, ultrasonic welding, assembly, pad printing, laser engraving, machining, cutting and quality processes, assembly, pad printing, laser engraving, machining, cutting and quality.

  • Creative packaging

    We create the most appropriate experience to transmit the client's identity and generate a client's identity and generate a wow effect on the user.

  • User experience

    We design and take care of every detail to make the customer's experience special.

  • Design of documentation

    We define and generate the necessary documentation for the sale of the product: instructions for use and product: instructions for use and assembly, stickers, flyers...

  • Editorial design

    We layout and edit creative documents and infographics.