360º Service

We get fully involved with you and your project to achieve your objectives and offer you the best service. 

Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.

  • Market research

    The market for the current product, the company's market and neighbouring markets are analysed in order to get an overall picture.

  • Trend research

    We analyse current and future trends in order to reflect them in the product design.

  • Identification and definition of the potential user

    We search for and find potential users of your service/product.

  • User analysis

    We empathize with the user in their environment, dynamics and customs to understand their pains and gains .

  • User Experience/interaction

    We carry out a complete tour of the experience that the user will have interacting with the product, optimizing and improving its use.

Everything is designed, few things are designed well.

  • Ergonomic analysis

    We analyze the needs, capacities and abilities of the user when interacting with the product prioritizing in designing its easy use.

  • Ideation sessions

    Through different dynamics, we generate the ideas that shape and define the characteristics of the product / service.

  • Definition of aesthetic criteria

    We will define the aesthetic, material and aspirational qualities that make up the product.

  • CMF

    Selection of materials, finishes and colors according to trends, product and user.

  • 3D visualization

    We carry out 3D modeling to get a better perception of the product that allows the sale and promotion of this.

  • 2D/3D design

    We develop the product generating technical designs in 2D and 3D for the manufacturing and industrialization.

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.

  • Design in detail

    We will design the product in detail with all the features specified in the Brief according to the user's needs.

  • Plastic prototype

    We have a wide range of technologies: 3D printing with epoxy resin using stereolithography or sintering of polyamide. casting, with silicone moulds, of polyurethanes similar to thermoplastics (ABS, PP, POM, PA...).

  • Metal prototype

    We have the facility to make prototypes with 3D metal printing. CNC machining of unitary and metallic parts (aluminium, steel).

  • User validation

    We validate the product with the end user to make the necessary iterations in terms of design, ergonomics and usability. in terms of design, ergonomics and usability.

  • Industrial feasibility

    We guarantee the industrial feasibility of all our designs thanks to our close work with the thanks to our close work with the industrialisation team.

It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.

  • Management and monitoring of the process

    We cover all the phases of industrialisation of a product, providing a turnkey service that a turnkey service that allows us to reduce costs and time.

  • Manufacturing of tools

    Aluminium or steel moulds for short and medium production runs in technical materials. technical materials. Control tools in resin or aluminium.

  • Production

    We incorporate different technologies and materials; injected plastic (ABS, PC/ABS, PA, PA66+GF, POM, PC, PBT...), thermoforming, stamping/punching, IMD, IMF, IME...

  • Post-processing

    We have painting, ultrasonic welding, assembly, pad printing, laser engraving, machining, cutting and quality processes, assembly, pad printing, laser engraving, machining, cutting and quality.

  • Generation of technical documentation

    Creation of the technical drawings of the product, technical data sheet, specification booklet specifications, instructions for use...

If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.

  • Creative packaging

    We create the most appropriate experience to transmit the client's identity and generate a client's identity and generate a wow effect on the user.

  • User experience

    We design and take care of every detail to make the customer's experience special.

  • Design of documentation

    We define and generate the necessary documentation for the sale of the product: instructions for use and product: instructions for use and assembly, stickers, flyers...

  • Editorial design

    We layout and edit creative documents and infographics.

It's not what you sell, It's what you stand for.

  • Demonstration product

    We create a demonstration product for trade fairs, meetings, events...

  • Graphic and audiovisual content

    We generate photos and videos of the product or of the company, as well as infographics, renderings, content for social networks...

  • Motion graphics

    We create 2D and 3D animations to get the message across clearly and easily to the and simple way to the client.

  • Branding

    We develop the corporate image and branding of the company; logotype, isotype, corporate colours...

  • Web design

    We design and develop Landing Page of the product/service taking into account the user experience.

  • Crowdfunding Campaign

    We launch crowdfunding campaigns as a way to validate the product or to raise funds to validation or to raise start-up funds.

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