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mask osaka PRO (electric violet)

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osaka PRO is the safest mask. The fan improves breathability and gives a perfect fresh feeling. In addition, thanks to the eye shield, it avoids being infected by other pathways. It is perfect for people who have to spend many hours with the mask and are very exposed in contact with many people. 

  • Transparent mask combined with an electric violet, giving great personality to the person who wears it. 
  • Reusable (interchangeable filters every 5 days)
  • Sealed perfectly to the face thanks to its perimeter shape that prevents air leaks.
  • Easy to clean
  • High filtration (filters 97% of particles)
  • Certified by UNE0065:2020 (Spanish Certificate) and CWA 17553:2020 (European Certificate)
  • Biodegradable Proveil® filters developed by Bioinicia and CSIC. Certified under the UNE EN-149 standard.
  • The fan has 7 hours of autonomy and is charged via USB.
  • Optical Grade 1 Polycarbonate: the highest grade that allows continuous use.
  • Screen designed to protect the user against liquid splashes.

Hypoallergenic TPU elastomer perimeter adjustable to all types of faces. Avoids marks and scratches from possible allergies. PC Glass mirror with anti-fogging, neoprene rubber, removable gills with metallic mesh, Proveil® certified interchangeable filters.

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Care and maintenance:

Injection material that facilitates cleaning using bleach or other similar disinfectant products such as sanytol  It is also dishwasher safe. The filters are interchangeable and can also be disinfected with an alcoholic spray solution, with steam, and/or bleach.

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