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Frequently Asked Questions

here you will find the answers to all your questions. This is all you should know about weetbe mask osaka.

What level of protection does weetbe offer?
Our mask is reliable, ergonomic and safe. The materials and technology used have been specifically chosen to ensure a comfortable and superior protective user experience. The hypoallergenic elastomer perimeter has been tested to ensure that the mask fits perfectly and leaves no gaps for unfiltered air. The filters used in the gills are bactericidal, so they protect you from viruses, air pollution and allergies.


What makes weetbe mask osaka different from other masks?
weetbe mask osaka has a motor that improves ventilation and consequently breathability. Unlike hygienic or surgical masks, elements can be added that further improve protection. This is the case with the eye shield, which increases safety against air pollution by covering a larger perimeter of the face. Also, the mask may be customized, choosing among the various colours and designs of the gills and adjustable rubbers.


Is weetbe recyclable?
Yes, recyclable and reusable. weetbe thinks about people and their environment. We wanted to launch a long-life mask on the market to replace the single-use ones. Our mask is made of completely recyclable materials which help to reduce environmental impact and waste.


What size mask should i buy?
We currently have 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The image below shows how to take your measurements to find out which size is right for you.


What is the evidence of its effectiveness against viruses?
Our masks are highly efficient due to their filtering material, used in the side gills has been tested and certified as a bactericidal element.


Do they protect you and prevent you from contaminating others?
Yes. It was one of our main motivations, we wanted to create something that would stand up to the “selfish” masks that protect only those who wear them. That’s why it was designed in such a way that it filters both the inspired and exhaled air.


How do you change the filters?
Once the mask has been disinfected with bleach or sanytol, the housing is removed and the new filter is inserted, one for each side gill. Used filters can be recycled.


How can I customize the masks?
They can be personalized using different decorative prints of the gills. We offer several designs for you to choose the one you like best. They are easy to change. For added protection, there is also the option of adding an eye shield.


Can I wash my mask?
Yes, the materials used in the mask are dishwasher safe. Simple and convenient. When finished, your mask will be as good as new.


How do I order a mask?
Currently, the mask is only available through our website,


Does the mask have a concentration of mist?
No, the properties of the materials and the ventilation system prevent the mask from fogging.


Is the mask expensive?
No, the weetbe mask is designed for a long lasting life, with high quality polycarbonate materials. In addition, interchangeable filters can be added which have a duration of 5 to 7 days depending on use. The osaka filter pack for 3 months costs 19 euros.


Is it approved/certified?
Yes, our mask complies with the CWA 17553:2020 (European Certificate). The ProveilĀ® interchangeable filters are biodegradable and have been developed by Bioinicia and the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council). Tested according to the UNE EN14683 standard.

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