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conception of weetbe mask osaka

weetbe mask osaka's first steps

We wanted to use this entry to tell you about the development of weetbe mask osaka. We will soon be launching our crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness and seek public support. That’s why we felt it was necessary to keep the information on our progress up to date. We want to keep track of the evolution of weetbe mask osaka.


What we are launching is a product with guarantees, constantly tested to achieve the greatest efficiency. We have dedicated to every detail the necessary time to offer the best possible experience and to make sure that mask users are satisfied. It’s not about creating another mask but about creating “the mask”. And that’s our commitment.




weetbe mask osaka is the result of a long work process. It started with the outline of the first idea, went through the design, to the first prototypes. From the beginning, we wanted to materialize our idea so that we could visualize and foresee possible usability and filtering problems. To do this, we created aluminium moulds, a material that allowed us to simulate series processes and very realistic results.


To get to where we are today, we tested up to eight different designs. We tested each item to get closer to the final design. Thus, weetbe mask osaka was born.

Right now, we are in a time of fine-tuning and validation. So far, we have managed to test the perimeter that fits the face and we can certify that it is hypoallergenic. Our filters are also certified under the European UNE-EN 149 standard for self-filtering masks and have been tested against Covid-19.


A moment of hard work but also of illusion. If you want to keep up with every little big thing we do, follow us on the net or subscribe to our newsletter.


If you have any other questions or want to know more about the process, comment on the post and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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  1. Gary Ryan

    I live in Canada, where and when will I be able to buy them. How much will the retail price be do you think? Looks like a great product. Thanks

  2. Megan Gepford

    I saw the perks option on Indiegogo for 25 or more masks at over $800 USD. I’m searching for a low cost yet highly effective solution to propose to my son’s Community in Schools Leader because we both desperately want to keep this elementary school open. We live in a low-income area without much funding and the kids really need school, especially right now. Do you think there are any options for donations to collect further data?

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